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Comparative Study on the Metric of Cybercrime Between the U.S. and South Korea
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December 01, 2020


Seokbeom Kim

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Yunsik Jang

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Alice Elizabeth Perry

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Youngoh Jo

Research Fellow

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Research Interest (Major)

Victimology, Crime Prevention

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Policy Measures of Effective Investigation and Efficient Prediction for Preventing and Responding against Terrorism

Assessment and Policy Support Measure Study for Sustainable Social Reentry and Adjustment of Juvenile Offenders (Ⅰ)

Korean National Crime Victim Survey 2016

Study on South Korean Juvenile Offenders' Reentry to Society: Current Status and Policy-Wise Support Methods (Ⅱ)

The Operation of Private Juvenile Hall and Education Programs

Reentry of Juvenile Offenders From the Training Schools in South Korea (Ⅲ)

Annual Report on UN• International Cooperation and Research for Crime Prevention (XVI)

Juvenile Justice Agencies' Response to COVID-19

Comparative Study on the Metric of Cybercrime Between the U.S. and South Korea

Factors of Changea in Juvenile Inmates’ Behavior at Juvenile Reformatories

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