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Measures to Strengthen the Efficacy of Criminal Policy for Public Safety (V)
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December 01, 2020


This study examined the relationship between sociostructural and environmental features and crime rates in rural areas, including farming, fisheries, and/or forestry communities. As a result, this study estimated that homicide and fraudulent crimes in rural areas were positively associated with a low level of population mobility and with a high level of social ties. This study also indicated that violent crimes were more concentrated in commercial zones even within rural areas. Moreover, this study demonstrated that the association between crimes and criminogenic characteristics in rural areas varied depending on crime types and specific locations. Thus, this study suggested that authorities in rural communities enhance the quality of life and narrowly tailor crime prevention policies according to the specific needs in more localized areas. Additionally, this study reviewed a crime victimization survey conducted at three different geographical units of analysis, including eup(읍), myeon(면), and dong(동). This study showed that the crime victimization rates were relatively low in myeon area with a low population density level whereas the victimization rates in eup area with a high population density level and dense commercial zones were relatively high even as compared to those in urban areas. Moreover, this study found that fears of crime, measured by a group of survey items, were lower in rural areas than urban areas. However, fears of crime of females under the age of 30 in rural areas were higher than fears of crime of those in urban areas. These discrepancies in fear of crimes between the two areas were consistent when crimes are categorized into robbery, assault, and sexual crimes. Examining the relationship between crimes and sociostructural features in rural areas by reviewing newspaper articles and interviews, this study demonstrated that crimes, including human right violation against migrant workers and the disabled, sex crimes, domestic violence, crop theft, vacant home burglary, driving under influence, unfair receipt of state subsidies, and police corruption, were positively associated with a high level of hostility, patriarchal consciousness, absence of natural and systemic monitoring, lack of compliance, and collusion between private and public sectors. Based on these findings, this study suggested several crime prevention countermeasures. First, authorities in rural communities need to improve the residential environment, resolve vacant house issues, and promote crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) projects. Second, law enforcement agencies in rural areas need to reinforce patrols in areas with a high level of crime and develop policies particularly protecting females in rural areas. Third, based on the restorative justice policies, rural communities need to actively mediate disputes between community members, strengthen the social network and informal social control, including neighborhood watch program, and redesign police duties according to the needs of rural areas. Lastly, it is necessary to enact ‘the Special Act for Supporting Crime Victims in Rural Areas’ to proactively support crime victims in rural communities.

Jiyoung Kim

Public Safety and Crime Prevention, Crime Trends&Analysis

Senior Research Fellow

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Research Interest (Major)

Corrections, Criminal Psychology, Victimology

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Yunho Yeom

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Jitae Hwang

Crime Trends&Analysis

Senior Research Fellow

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Research Interest (Major)

Criminal Statistics, Criminal Sociology

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Sangyeon Yoon

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