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Crime Statistics Database Project (XIV)
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December 01, 2019


“Crime Statistics Database Project” is an ongoing task that started in 2006 and in its 14th year as of 2019. The main goal of the Project is to administer statistics web portal for Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics (CCJS). The current report includes 2019 task summaries, along with enhancing user satisfaction, sharing of achievements, and suggestions for improvements. In particular, “2019 Crime Statistics Database Project XIV” highlights four main tasks including 1) Developing thematic statistics, 2) Advancing micro-data service, 3) Building English-based statistical database, and 4) Reclassification of database categories in the Judicial Yearbook. In addition, the Project continued the annual performance such as statistical database update as well as reliability and validity verification, and CCJS menu renewal. “The Second CCJS consumer satisfaction survey” was implemented in order to examine how the users assess their experience with the current CCJS services and to utilize their responses as the basis for service improvement and developing advancement strategies. By acquiring “certificate of good contents service” and “WA certificate” the Project secured more reliability and validity of the included services. The Project has also expanded the scope of its services in order for stable operation of CCJS and more variety and utility in them. The Project is in pursuit of consumer-oriented service through enhancing user accessibility, ease of use, and applicability. Moving forward, the Project aims to develop improvement tasks by stages utilizing various feedback from not only the experts in the relevant field but also the regular consumers without expertise.

Hyungmin Bark

Public Safety and Crime Prevention, Crime Trends&Analysis

Senior Research Fellow

Hyungmin Bark's picture

Research Interest (Major)

Heinous Crime(Homicide, Arson, Violence), Crime Statistics, Suicide

Education/Professional Experience

Ph.D in Sociology, Seoul National Univ.

Member of the Advisory Committee on Scientific Investigation at the Korean National Police Agency

Operating Committee at Korea Suicide Prevention Center

Member of the Policy Research Review Committee at the Korean National Police Agency

Member of the Policy Research Review Committee at the Ministry of Justice

Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Sungkyunkwan University

Report List

Social Factors on Suicide in Korea

Crime Statistics Database Project (XV)

Measures to Improve the Utilization of Police 'Crime Statistics'

Research on Serial Felony(ⅰ) -Serial Arson(ⅰ)-

The Trends and Patterns of Interpersonal Violent Crimes in Korea

The Living Conditions and Characteristics of Prisoners on Death Row

Crime Statistics Database Project (XIV)

The Criminal History of Elderly Criminals

The Effectiveness of Compliance in Electronic Supervision: Focused on the Curfew Order

Analysis of Korean Criminal Justice System and its Management (Ⅲ): Diagnosis on Investigative Structure and Elements for Improvement

Criminal Justice Policy and Future Strategy for Social Change: Multicultural Societies

Future Directions of Criminal Justice Policy in Accordance with Social Changes (Ⅰ): Aging Population

Uigi Shin

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Report List

Heejung Park

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Report List

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