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8th KICJ Forum: Strategies for Tackling the Climate Crisis through Criminal Law

The Korean Institute of Criminology and Justice (President Tae-Hoon Ha) held its 8th International Forum under the theme of “Strategies for Tackling the Climate Crisis through Criminal Law” on December 9, 2021. The forum was held in a virtual format (using Zoom and YouTube live streaming) in the context of COVID-19. Experts from academia and practice in the field of environmental criminal law and international law participated the forum and discussed the role of criminal law as a response to the climate crisis and ecocide. KICJ’s president Ha delivered an opening remarks, saying “Although criminal law with a high emphasis on punitive measures is typically considered a last-resort solution, I believe that the current dire state of environmental affairs signals that now is the last possible moment in which it is still within our ability to enact measures to prevent climate and ecological crisis ... I hope this forum provides an opportunity for individuals and corporations to change their behaviors and ways of thinking and adopt more eco-friendly processes in the name of achieving a sustainable future of humankind.” This was followed by the congratulatory remarks from the vice minister of Justice, Sung-Kook Kang. Prof. Dr. Helmut Satzger (Professor of German, European and International Law, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich) then proceeded keynote address entitled “Climate Criminal Law: A legal concept for the future.” Having Prof. Seong-don Kim (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University Law School) as the moderator of the two sessions and discussion, Dr. Jee-Young Yun (Senior Research Fellow, KICJ), Prof. Dr. Hirokazu Kawaguchi (Professor, Meiji University Department of Law, and Ms. Magali Bobbio (Associate Legal Officer, International Criminal Court) delivered presentations in Session 1 under the theme of “Trends in the Discussion of Environmental Criminal Law and its Prospects.” In Session 2, Dr. Yeyong Choi (Director, Asian Citizen’s Center for Environment and Health) gave a presentation entitled “Humidifier Disinfectant Disaster as a criminal case.” Then, all the session speakers as well as Prof. Seung-Jun Lee (Professor, Chungbuk National University Law School) and Prof. Won-Sang Lee (Professor, Chosun University College of Law) participated discussion to explore international strategies for tackling climate crisis, which is transnational in nature, through criminal law. * More information: * YouTube Link (ENG):