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KICJ signs MOU with Korean Society of Family Law

On November 17th, the Korean Institute of Criminology and Justice (President Tae-Hoon Ha) signed a Memorandum of Understandings with the Korean Society of Family Law (Chairman Choon-Eui Hong) to conduct collaborative research on the future society where diverse types of family are embraced and to take an initiating role in the policy-making. With the MOU, the two parties are planning to cooperate in many different spheres including the following: - Research development and cooperation in the field of Civil Law pertinent to Family Law - Exchange of research personnel - Hosting of joint academic seminars as well as participation of seminar and forum held by the counterpart - Sharing of information, data, research reports, and other relevant documents Both parties plan to conduct a joint research project based on a survey on the trend and perception on the various types of family composition to discover Civil Law issues, especially those of Family Law nature. KICJ President Ha delivered a speech saying “The Korean Institute of Criminology and Justice (KICJ) has expanded its research scope from criminal justice to a wider concept of legal policies with its name change last May. With a vision to become an integrated think tank in the field of criminal and legal policy for a fair, just, and inclusive society, the MOU with the Korean Society of Family Law (KSFL) is expected to bring about a synergy effect in achieving the objective of our institute.” KSFL Chairman Hong said “The Korean Society of Family Law has supported the research and development in the field of family law and family relations. It has also provided assistance in the exchange and cooperation among researchers in the field of family law. Through the MOU, we wish to lay a concrete foundation in the implementation and facilitation of legal policies in the field of Family Law and develop Family Law theories and practices.”

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