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Special Issue of KIC Issue Paper

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Recent so-called “Nth Room Cases” illustrate the severity of cyber sex crime & sexual exploitation in Korea. Korean Institute of Criminology (KIC) published a special issue of KIC Issue Paper to combat ICT(Information & Communication Technology)-facilitated sex crimes. The Special Reports presented criminal justice responses and policies on the following issues related to cyber sex crimes: crime commission, investigation and trial, and legislative activity, etc. The contents on the Special Reports are as follows: - Telegram ‘Nth Room’ Cases: Punishment and Sentencing of Cyber Sex Crime (Kim, Hankyun, Senior Research Fellow) - Adjudicative Problems of Cyber Sex Crime Targeting Children and Adolescents (Kim, Jisun, Senior Research Fellow) - Sexual Grooming Enabling Sexual Exploitation (Yoon, Jeongsook, Research Fellow) - The Need for Changes in Investigation Legislations Related to ‘Nth Room’ Cases (Yun, Jeeyoung, Research Fellow) - The Operation and Limitation of the Disclosure Policy of the Suspected’s Personal Information in the Process of Investigation (Kim, Daekeun, Research Fellow) - The Protection of Victims of Image-based Sexual Exploitation and the Prevention of Secondary Victimization (Chang, Dahye, Research Fellow)

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