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The KICIF is a global conference for criminal justice professionals in crime prevention and criminal justice.




The 7th Korean Institute of Criminology International Forum 2020 (KICIF)

The 7th Korean Institute of Criminology International Forum 2020 (KICIF)

Challenges of Cybercrime as Opportunities : Prevention, Cooperation and Safety

The media and the literature have consistently reported personal and societal harms of cybercrime. In the midst of COVID-19, increased online activities are likely to result in increases in cybercrime. According to the 2019 National Public Safety Survey conducted by the Korean Ministry of Interior and Safety, the public perception of safety from cybercrime was the second lowest followed by environmental pollutions. The number of cybercrime incidents in 2018, according to police statistics, increased by 21.7 percent compared to 2011. Cybercrime is predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. The recent “Nth Room” online sex offending case highlights the patterns and effects of cybercrime, that go beyond imagination. In particular, that cybercrimes are transnational in nature and enable conventional crimes point to the need for groundbreaking changes in judicial cooperation and criminal justice responses. In spite of existing cooperation at the national and regional level, differences in measurement, law, and policy pose a limitation on dealing with cybercrime. Against the backdrop, the KICIF will provide a platform for deliberations of experts on measurement standards, cybersecurity, cyber economic crime, cybersex crime with a view to suggesting systematic and effective policy responses.

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