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The Asia Pacific Expert Conference for Criminal Justice
(APECCJ) aims to bring together leading academic scholars,
researchers and practitioners to exchange and share their
experiences and research results on major crime and criminal
justice issues facing Asia and the Pacific region.




The 1st Asia Pacific Expert Conference for Criminal Justice (APECCJ)

The 1st Asia Pacific Expert Conference for Criminal Justice (APECCJ)

Tasks in Criminal Policy amid the COVID-19 Pandemic : Evolving Trends in a Changing Landscape

·Changes in criminal landscape induced by the COVID-19 Pandemic: In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic that has adversely affected every jurisdiction across the world, this seminar aims to bring together experts in the field to address an urgent need to predict and counteract the changing trends of crime. ·Hosting ‘hybrid’ conference: To balance the compliance with social distancing protocols with the immediate need for facilitating international cooperation and solidarity among related stakeholders, the Korean Institute of Criminology hosts a hybrid online-offline seminar by utilizing a video conferencing tool. · Presentation: a) To examine how reduced face-to-face contacts and increased online communications and transactions caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic generate or discourage crime opportunities. b) To examine the specific cases of criminological phenomena and changes in the human rights landscape relating to the index crime rates, domestic violence, Tor dark net transactions, personal information and human rights.

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