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PRESEDENT’S MESSAGE-The Korean Institute of Criminology seeks to be the world’s leading think tank devoted to researching criminal justice policies and building a fair and just society free from crime and catastrophe.

The Korean Institute of Criminology (KIC) is the nation’s only research institute in the field of legal affairs and criminal justice. It is mandated to advance national law enforcement and criminal policies through systematic and comprehensive research on the trends of and solutions to crime. An estimated volume of 1,700 published research is a testament of progress. Building on the progress, we have promoted the safety of the community in its daily life and provided theoretical grounds for protecting victims and vulnerable groups.


In particular, we have conducted research on sexual crime and violence to not only hold perpetrators of the crimes accountable, but also reinforce the basis of gender equality and lead a fundamental change in society for eliminating gender-based exclusion and elimination. We have also conducted research on comprehensive and structural anticorruption reforms to address corruption in both the public and private sector and in everyday life. Criminal justice agencies and institutions on their parts ought to self-reform and redouble their efforts to protect public interests against their own interests.

To faithfully carry out the work, KIC will actively support the legislative’s lawmaking capacities and promote practical cooperation with related executive offices and agencies, including the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecution Service, and the Police. It will also expand cooperation with the agencies on the issues of crime prevention, corrections and probation, juvenile justice, human rights, and border management. It will also actively seek to find new avenues of cooperation to improve judicial policies in matters of sentencing and the jury trial. In addition to high-quality research, we will further develop and support other academic associations and research institutes.

We will continue to work harder to share relevant information with the civil society and media, hear their concerns and take their constructive criticisms.

We will continue to work harder to share relevant information with the civil society and media, hear their concerns and take their constructive criticisms.-image

At the same time, as a member of the United Nations Programme Network of Institutes, we will undertake collaborative activities that befit our global eminence. As a criminologist, I have long adhered to the axiom that the fundamental dignity and value of every human being cannot be lost no matter what their bearers do. Criminal justice also serves as an interdisciplinary research to enhance human dignity and promote social considerations and mutual respect. As a president, I will help support our professionals to fulfill their callings of preventing and curing crimes, human tragedies, and social harms. The KIC has accumulated 1,700 research outcomes for the last 31 years since its foundation in 1989. By compiling past years of progress and commencing interdisciplinary research that combines both theory and practice, we will fulfill the duties and responsibilities as the nation’s only research institute and the world’s leading institute in matters of crime and justice issues. With deep appreciation, I ask of your continued support and encouragement.

Korean Institute of Criminology

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Professor In-Sup HAN

President of the Korean Institute of Criminology (KIC)

Professor In-Sup Han was appointed as President of the Korean Institute of Criminology (KIC) in June 2018. Before joining KIC, President Han worked as professor of law at the Seoul National University since 1995 and served as Dean of Law School in 2002. He was a Visiting Professor in Law in University of Tubingen, Germany, Harvard-Yenching Institute, China, University of Pennsylvania, USA, Ritsumeikan University, Japan, and National University of Singapore.

He was the Chairperson of the Korean Journal of Law and Society and Director of Center for Human Rights Law at the Seoul National University, Judicial Watch Center of People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy. He also worked as a member of the Policy Board at the Ministry of Justice and Judicial Reform Committee.

President Han holds a LL.B., LL.M. and PhD in law from the Seoul National University. He is the author of several books and articles on Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Corruption, and so on.

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